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A Quick guide to insurance terminology

Regular driver

This is the person named in a motor vehicle policy as the person who uses the vehicle the most. May also be known as the usual driver.

Nominated driver "named driver only"

The nominated driver is different from the regular driver of the vehicle. This driver is named and recorded in your policy as the only agreed driver of the insured vehicle. There may be more than one nominated driver. In such a policy, if any other person is driving the vehicle, there is no cover. This is a very restrictive type of cover and something you should take note of.

Replacement cost or value

The replacement cost or value of an item is the cost to replace that specific item or property.

In a motor policy, the replacement cost would be either the retail or market value of the vehicle. (See the definitions of retail value and market value.)

Reject (see also Repudiate)

If an insurer rejects a claim, the insurer has refused to pay the claim or any part of the claim, in terms of the policy.

Repudiate (also see Reject)

If an insurer repudiates a claim, the insurer has rejected the claim, which could be for various reasons. It has the same meaning as the definition of "Reject."

Reward Features
Cash-back bonus

A cash-back bonus is a way of rewarding policyholders for not claiming for a specified period of time and is offered by some insurers. If you have not claimed for the specified period of time, some insurers will make a payment to you as a bonus for not claiming. The insurer may pay back a portion of the premiums that you have paid.

No claim bonus ("NCB")

This is a discount on your premium based on your past claims history. If you claim, this may affect your premium discount in the future.


This is when the insurer recalculates or reviews the premium payable for your policy. An insurer will typically re-rate your premium if you have submitted a valid claim, or on the anniversary date of your policy. Please refer to the definition of "anniversary date" above.


A vehicle that complies with existing road traffic laws of the country and is in a fit condition to be used on a public road, is considered roadworthy. It is a condition under your motor policy that your motor vehicle must be roadworthy. If your vehicle is not roadworthy, it will negatively affect your cover.