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Everything about Insure Bot and OneSure


Now, we offer the best available in the country and will mention a few: Momentum Insure, Discovery Insure, Old Mutual, Bryte ABSA, King Price, etc.; click on the about page at the bottom to see more.

We are working on adding more to this list! This will enable us to offer you more savings in the future.

We use leading industry technology and only partner with the best, so we save our clients lots and lots of money monthly. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, so give us a try.

Machine learning and AI processes are also used in our Insure Bot software. As a result, we frequently save our clients hundreds of Rands per month, considering different user behaviour and analytics.

To make the Insure Bot software work for you, we need to do a detailed risk analysis. This can easily be done in just a few minutes. Just simply call and get started; the online processes will be available on our website soon.

Our software is designed to offer multiple quotes from different insurers.

It enables us to evaluate your current insurance coverage and risk to provide you with the best car insurance or business insurance cover. Start by leaving your details and connecting with us.

One Sure Direct Brokers is an authorised financial services provider no. 44983, and we are registered to provide personal line and commercial line insurance products throughout South Africa.

Selecting the right insurance cover is critical to avoiding unnecessary future losses and protecting your hard-earned possessions, so we always strive to offer the best insurance cover for our clients, always giving great cover to the good people of South Africa.

Our quick quote feature on the page provides a clear indication of how much you can start saving. Once you contact us or leave your details, we perform a more in-depth analysis to uncover additional potential savings.

We complete most of our risk assessments in real-time. Only a few older insurers, who don't use our software application integration, may take a few minutes to request and provide accurate quotes. Once we have all your car, home, and building insurance quotes ready, you will receive multiple offers. We can then proceed to finalise your short-term insurance cover swiftly.